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Another element of the new headless Dragon is the fact that you no longer need to type in the Note Pad that was available from within the application.

Bottom line

Dragon is happy to type in any app: I use it in word processesors and text editors, Apple Mail, Messages, Twitter clients, and more. Dragon offers the same level of accuracy in every app.


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Naturally, recognition improves over time, especially if you use a unique vocabulary. But an even better way to improve recognition is to use the Vocabulary Training feature, where you let Dragon read documents that you have written. Dragon listens to the words you speak, but also looks at the context in which words are used. The more familiar it becomes with your specific vocabulary, and the way you order words, the more accurate it is.

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You can also use Dragon to transcribe recordings, a feature that I described in my review of Dragon Dictate 3. One feature that will be available soon, but I have not tested, is Dragon Anywhere. Dragon 5 has proven incredibly stable in my testing.

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  • Read an overview, see what’s new, and review the system requirements..

While there were some glitches in the initial release of the software, a maintenance update seems to have fixed all the issues that I encountered. Note, however, that I am a medical professional so my use of Writer has particular functions that make it superior to Word. For me, the price of the app is not an issue but the functionality and utility of the app makes a world of difference. So the bottom line is that what works well in OpenOffice should work well in NeoOffice. Note also that In my experience the support from the developer of NeoOffice has been crappy. If your tech question offends him in any way he will reply in an ugly manner or not reply at all.

I am using El Capitan on a new iMac. I do not know. Undecided for now. I did not consider NeoOffice, but will try it, thanks!


It is laughable that we should have to consider and recommend alternatives to the industry gold standard, particularly after so many years of development — how long has word been crashing when using Dragon now? V 6 is released tomorrow but ominously, no details on compatibility with Microsoft Word for Mac. It would be beyond comprehension if this major problem was not addressed.

I doubt anything will change, their advertising copy describes all kinds of improvements, with the exception of stability — the only improvement that would prompt me to pay out again.

Dragon 5.0.1 review: Speech recognition for the Mac gets improved accuracy, better interface

Used all the versions from before it was bought by Nuance, installed the new version and it worked for a couple of days then crash, crash, crash. I am amazes at this. In good faith and at the explicit advice that the new 6 version would be compatible with Word , I upgraded. A similar experience to David; constant crashes. The difference between the Mac and Windows versions of Dragon could not be more stark. Windows is brilliant, Mac is a disaster. I will definitely not trust any further versions until I am certain this will be fixed.

As a postscript; my Windows desktop PC has just died after 4 years and I was seriously considering replacing with a new iMac.

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The sole reason for not doing so is that I will not be able to use Dragon with it. For those of you who were commenting last summer and fall in , how is Dragon for Mac on Sierra? Does it now work easily — and without crashing? Even More Accurate Improved Accuracy: This means that Dragon gets you, and you get things done, faster than ever.

Dragon Dictate for Mac relies on the latest Dragon speech recognition engine from Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 , and also samples higher quality audio in order to deliver unprecedented accuracy, so that what you say is what you get. When it comes to making a correction, Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 makes it faster and easier than ever before. Simply speak to correct individual words or phrases through a single, easy to understand window. Select an alternate word choice, or spell and train new words. And when you make a correction, Dragon learns, making it more accurate the more that you use it.

Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 gives you control in more applications, so that you can use your voice to get more done.

Dragon Dictate delivers an Express Editor so that you can dictate into a text field for which it does not have Full Text Control. After you finish dictating, you can transfer the text from the Express Editor to the desired application quickly and easily by voice. Simply establish a user profile for a digital voice recorder, and have Dragon Dictate transcribe your recorded voice quickly and easily. Dragon Recorder: