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You can create your own artwork from scratch, import photos as tracing images to guide your art, and even pin images to your canvas for reference as you paint, as well as take advantage of many professional digital editing features and customizable tools. Desktop licences for Lite and ArtRage 5 More Desktop licences for Lite and ArtRage 5 cover both platforms. For more information visit the ArtRage homepage. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or.

ArtRage Lite

Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. ArtRage 5. Simple, intuitive painting app. Follow This App Developer website: Ambient Design Ltd. See discussion Is ArtRage really the best app in Illustration category? See discussion. Version 5. Fixed some issues with Tilt processing on Surface devices and Stylus Profiles not properly updating the selected tool when you bring a stylus to the tablet on compatible devices. We've added an 'Allow Touch' option for Surface devices running Realtime Stylus that allows you to turn off touch processing on the canvas.

Note that this may work on other devices, but we can't be More Similar Software.

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No similar apps have been recommended yet. You will be sent a download link after purchase. It is also available as a free download with certain graphics tablets, but is distributed by the hardware company in those cases. ArtRage Lite does not require a subscription or internet connection to install or use.

You will always be able to download the latest versions for both macOS and Windows by registering your serial our member area, but we respect your privacy and do not automatically register you. Operating System: ArtRage Lite is compatible with macOS You can install ArtRage Lite on any desktop, laptop, or touchscreen device that runs a supported operating system.

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Please try the ArtRage 5 demo before purchasing if you have any concerns about performance or compatibility. Unlimited downloads of the latest version are available from the member area. ArtRage Lite will not be replaced by a future edition or have significant feature updates, but will updated on an ongoing basis to keep it running smoothly, so you will not end up with an outdated program or need to pay for a future edition.

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ArtRage Lite includes an upgrade discount to the latest edition of our full program. Upgrade discounts to ArtRage 5 are available for ArtRage Lite users and owners of older desktop editions.

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See the Upgrades page or register your serial in the member area for details. Banner Image: Fragility of Life by Steve Goad.

ArtRage Mac

Watch painting tutorial videos for ArtRage Lite, demonstrating basic art techniques to help you get started. Work From Photos Use realistic pastels to build up color and blend. Add reference images around your canvas to help you draw. Impasto The Oil Tube and Palette Knife let you build up extremely thick paint and smush it around to get fantastic impasto textures. Turn off canvas lighting to get a completely smooth digital image, and collect color samples to keep your palette consistent.

Watercolors Realistic watercolor effects let you control the spread and layering, to get exactly the result you want.

Give your creativity free rein with this drawing application

Oils ArtRage's oils are the most realistic and easy to use digital oils around. Just pick up a brush and start throwing paint at your canvas! Layers and Canvas Texture Sketch out your design on one layer, then add a new one to redraw the lines neatly. Change the canvas texture to get different pencil effects as you draw, and take advantage of the Ink Pen properties to get automatic smoothing, taper, and angled strokes.

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  5. Custom Brush Effects The Sticker Spray lets you play with custom image brushes that lay down repeating patterns and sprays. Explore the default presets, or download more advanced custom sticker spray presets created in ArtRage 5 for more professional custom brush effects that suit your workflow. Illustration Combine multiple tools, stencils, layers, and layer effects, to create traditional looking illustrations easily.

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    Stencils Mask out areas of canvas and draw straight lines with stencils. Add your own custom images to create outlines and textures. ArtRage Lite offers a full range of real media painting tools and basic digital editing features. You can also pin references to the canvas, use tracing images, and play back your iPad or Android scripts on the desktop. Smear paint, blend colors, and work with canvas textures to get natural looking results without complex digital processes.

    ArtRage presents the important tools in a simple, clean interface that gets out of the way while you paint. Sometimes it can be handy to have other images open while you work. If you want a visual guide you can pin Reference Images to your canvas, or load a Tracing Image overlay that can apply colors for you automatically.

    ArtRage supports Layers — Transparent overlays that let you paint on your canvas without damaging the paint beneath. Each Layer can have its own blend mode so that you can easily generate shading and other effects. uses cookies.

    ArtRage enhances its natural toolset with utilities tailored to give you the convenience of a computer paint package without getting in your way, like: Undo and Redo, Layers, Select and Transform.