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Just keep in mind that all the flash and extras come at a cost, price wise and portability wise.

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You will find that the laptop is light weight and affordable, but only able to handle office or education based software. Beyond that, the system will work for streaming movies and listening to music, but you should not purchase this particular laptop for anything more than school work. The advantage of going with a bare bones laptop such as this comes to light when you look at the price.

Chromebooks stand on their own as unique laptops built on the Google OS that is starting to grow in popularity. With 4. Laptops often do a poor job of letting those not sitting directly in front of the screen see the laptop as intended.

Colors will go to negatives and the normally crisp and easy to read text becomes painful to look at. With the Chromebook Pixel, viewing angles are much wider ensuring multiple students can sit around the laptop and enjoy the same vivid view. A touch screen allows for quicker navigation and more interactivity.

The jury is still out on just how powerful the system is once you move beyond school work, but the Pixel will definitely give you the productivity and clarity that you need for projects and watching movies. Best Laptops for College Students Years ago, college students used pencil and paper to take notes during class. The Age Old Debate: Mac vs. PC The first choice you need to make is which brand of computer you wish to use during your education. Best in Class Apple: Lenova ThinkPad X1 Carbon Lenova has made a name for itself with some of the fastest ultrabooks on the market. Alienware 14 — 18 All work and no play can make college a little difficult to stay happy with.

Budget Friendly: Google Chromebook: Chromebook Pixel Chromebooks stand on their own as unique laptops built on the Google OS that is starting to grow in popularity. Another campus factor to consider is what kind of tech support services are available. If the on-campus IT assistance and computer repair guys specialize in Apple computers, it might make your life easier to purchase a Mac. There are only a few fields where it will matter what computer you're using. Graphic design is one of the first that springs to mind - Macintosh computers are generally considered industry standard in that field, so you might want to start your training on an Apple computer.

On the other hand, if your field relies heavily on software that is only available for Windows-operated computers, it would be smart to get a PC. Do a little research into your desired field of study, ask professors in that department and call the campus IT services to see what they say. Whatever you decide, it would be smart to have researched more than just what the computer looks like and how much it costs.

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Degrees in computer and information support services typically cover programming fundamentals, networking and computer Computer studies courses are usually offered at the undergraduate level, and may result in a degree in computer studies, Computer classes for adults cover topics that range from a basic introduction to Web design. These courses are often offered The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Help us match you with schools that offer programs related to Computer Sciences.

Sign Up. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Mac Vs. The Best Computer for Students Mac vs. By Sarah Wright Find schools that offer these popular programs. How to Choose a Computer Whether you're a rising college freshman or a fourth-year grad student, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a computer for school work. If you don't have a strong preference one way or another, and you're looking for a tie breaker, consider these factors: Campus Compatibility As we said above, most college campuses are equipped to accommodate both Macs and other PCs.

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Program Info. The Dolby Atmos sound package on the Yoga offers degree audio and rich soundscape. Over 10 hours of battery life give you plenty of time to get things done without having to power-up. The USB 3. Cons include a keyboard design that is somewhat uncomfortable. The HP Spectre x comprehensively offers technology and innovative features that every college student craves in a computer. Available in two sizes either Crafted from a single piece of aluminum, the HP Spectre x is a combination laptop and tablet.

So whether you want to read, type, write, draw, watch, or present —this machine can do it all. Touting a battery life of up to 16 hours depending on the model, the HP Spectre x works seamlessly with an active, on-the-go lifestyle. The privacy and security features available on Spectre x models can include a fingerprint reader, and the HP Sure View integrated privacy screen, which only allows you access.

A mega-power option from Dell is the XPS If you are looking for a slim mm and lightweight model starting around 4 pounds , the Dell XPS 15 is worth considering. With a zippy configuration of up to 32 GB of memory, and the 7th Gen Intel Quad Core processor this machine will deliver whether you are working on a research project or downloading.

This not only gives you a smooth delivery of online content but also prioritizes your applications. Need to pull an all-nighter or take notes in a dark classroom? A backlit keyboard helps you to keep up.

Best Laptops for College

EnergyStar efficiency only adds to this machines top-tier features. Pros to the Dell XPS 15 include its overall power, attractively packaged in a slim, compact aluminum design. A WHr battery will keep you powered-on. Cons include its high price tag. So many features make this a machine worth getting to know. Offering 16GB of memory and Radeon Pro graphics make any project, assignment, or hobby just that much easier to accomplish.

Apple Pay, intelligent typing features, and automatic adjustments make this a laptop that truly works for you.

Cons can include the steep price tag. The Microsoft Surface Laptop is not one to skip over when looking for the perfect computer to take to campus. This surprisingly luxe feeling machine touts a Weighing just 2. The Microsoft Surface Laptop uniquely offers color personalization, giving users a chance to stand out with hues like Graphite Gold, Cobalt Blue, Platinum, and Burgundy in a sea of dominantly silver machines. Easily cleanable Alcantara material covers the keyboard, creating a nice feel and a comfortable typing experience.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is equipped with Windows 10 S, which was designed specifically for students and teachers. Pros to the Microsoft Surface Laptop continue with its top of the line Omnisonic speakers, its slim design, moderate price point, and vivid display.

Why I always recommend Macs over PCs — even though they're usually a lot more expensive

Cons include the relatively unknown long-term durability of the material covered keyboard. The HP Chromebook 13 has features and unique sensibilities that could make it the perfect machine for a college student. The HP Chromebook 13 stands out with its slim appeal USB-C ports are also included, adding another user-friendly feature. Some cons include issues with its long-term performance and durability and its lack of a touchscreen. Its reputation for durability, strong performance reviews, and dynamic features make it a worthy candidate to consider.

An option for either a 1. The LED display punches with vivid detail and works fantastically whether live-streaming a lecture, creating a document, or just keeping up with daily communications. The MacBook Air Cons include the limited aesthetic customization and Mac price-point. The Microsoft Surface Book is a champion machine that may offer everything a college student needs in a laptop.

A laptop and a tablet, the Microsoft Surface Book can amplify your presentations when using its included Surface Pen. The Surface Book is designed to be used with professional grade software applications like Adobe Premiere Pro 5 and Revit. It also seamlessly works with iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud applications. Pros the Microsoft Surface Book include its extreme versatility as a tablet and laptop and included Surface Pen. The GB RAM depending on configuration offers a strong overall performance — whether you need it for big projects or daily tasks.

Cons include the relative long-term durability of the machine. A tough, durable machine this notebook has passed drop, high-pressure, and vibration tests and has rubber-lined edges and a spill-resistant keyboard in case of a small accident.

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