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This will help to ensure that 2. You can download 2. Please report bugs to the forum , the bug tracker , to dcpomatic on twitter or by email to carl dcpomatic. You are advised not to use this version for production. Projects made using 2. This is a bug-fix release which corrects a crash on importing some SSA-format subtitles.

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Download it from here. Happy birthday, DCP-o-matic! Thanks for all your help in keeping it growing!

Download videos for free from:

This is a bug-fix release which corrects bad placement of subtitles in some rare cases. Ca Inc. Thank you! This is a bug-fix release which corrects two problems: Crash on some malformed. Errors on export due to filenames having the wrong file extension.

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This is a bug-fix release which corrects some problems in the command-line client and adds a build for Ubuntu If you want, you can make changes to the frame rate the number of frames per second , the bit rate speed of data transfer and resolution before you convert.

There's also some useful presets for iPods, VGA, and higher definition conversions depending on what you're using the conversion for.

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If a conversion doesn't work, an Error Log helps you find out what went wrong - very useful if you're batch processing which FLV Crunch also supports. FLV Crunch for Mac is a straightforward, free and powerful converter to convert media files between multiple formats on your Mac. MPEG Streamclip better choice. Seems to work ok, but it''s just a converter. MPEG Streamclip can be used to adjust brightness, contrast , color, sound levels, etc. A bit harder to figure out than Crunch, but it does way more. Bottom line: Less demanding on CPU, simple interface. Just a basic video format converter, won't correct color, contrast, sound, etc.

Un logiciel avec licence gratuite pour Mac‚ par Leawo Software

Status Problem???. Worked great when I first got it. Work ed like a charm for a while. I was able to download old and long wanted music on YouTube and was able to convert the files to. Never been happier. One week later - Error status message problem; but no reason why, and my converting days are over??

View full description. Fixed a problem with calculating video dimensions occurs when the "Same Aspect Ratio" feature is active. Added close button in upper left hand corner.

YTD Video Downloader for Mac Release info:

Fixed a problem that caused the program to ask about where the destination folder is when it was already known. Translated an error message about the engine into Spanish and French.