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Ultimate Edition 5. Using the latest Xfce 4.

While you won't find an office suite and any of the usual software applications that are included in the Ultimate Edition flavor, Ultimate Edition 5. But users will also find Steam, Valve's digital gaming distribution platform, allowing you to play all the awesome games you've purchased on Steam for Linux until this day. As a bonus, Ultimate Edition 5. More at Softpedia. Android and iOS have been rivals in the smartphone market for years now, and the debate still rages as to which one is a better option for businesses.

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of Apple's iPhone. During the past decade, the device and its associated operating system iOS have moved from consumer innovation to business standard. Apple devices and their Android adversaries now dominate the global smart phone market. But which operating system is best for business?

HOWTO Use Ubuntu As A Mac OS X Time Capsule

More at ZDNet. Did you miss a roundup? Check the Eye On Open home page to get caught up with the latest news about open source and Linux. Want to Join? Current Job Listings. Nicolas Perriault writes on his blog: Now that you have a Live version of Ubuntu running on your Mac, check to make sure your WI-Fi network is working, as well as Bluetooth, if needed. You can click on any of the OS icons to select the operating system you wish to use. Since you're probably itching to get back to Ubuntu, click on the Ubuntu icon. If after restarting you have issues, such as missing or non-functional devices Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, printers, scanners , you can check with the Ubuntu community for tips about getting all of your hardware working.

Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated September 28, A recent backup. We recommend a clone on an external bootable drive that includes a copy of the Recovery HD volume.

We recommend Carbon Copy Cloner , which can create the clone and include the Recovery partition. Once you have a working clone, disconnect it from your Mac to ensure that the clone backup isn't accidentally erased during the Ubuntu install. As you might suspect, these are the bare minimums; more RAM and faster processor speeds or additional processor cores can only be helpful. We're installing on a inch Retina iMac, but the basic process should work for any modern Mac newer than If you're going to use an older Mac, you should still be able to install Ubuntu but you'll need to pay attention to how the boot process works for older hardware.

If you have problems getting your older Mac to work with Ubuntu, stop by the Ubuntu forums and search for install guides for your Mac model.

How To Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac (In 5 Steps) - OMG! Ubuntu!

The flash drive will be used as a bootable Ubuntu installer that contains not only the basic installer, but a live version of Ubuntu that you can run directly from the USB flash drive without modifying anything on your Mac. This is a great way to test whether your Mac and Ubuntu can get along. A USB keyboard and mouse. You need a USB-based keyboard and mouse because it's highly likely that the Ubuntu Bluetooth drivers will need to be installed or updated before a wireless keyboard or mouse will work. This is the minimum size recommended for the desktop version of Ubuntu that we'll be installing; more space to work with can be a benefit.

Ubuntu This is the current stable version of Ubuntu that was available when we started this project. Later versions should work as well, just check the release notes for any specific changes that may affect installation or use on your Mac.

Ultimate Edition 5.0 Gamers distro released

The following process will completely erase any data you may have on the USB flash drive. Locate the flash drive in Disk Utility's sidebar.

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Be sure to select the actual flash drive, and not the formatted volume that may appear just below the flash drive's manufacturer name. Click the Erase button in the Disk Utility toolbar. The Erase sheet will drop down. Set the Erase sheet to the following options: The USB flash drive will be erased. When the process is complete, click the Done button. Before you leave Disk Utility you need to make a note of the flash drive's device name. You should see the device name , such as disk2s2, or in my case, disk7s2.

Write down the device name ; you will need it later. You can quit Disk Utility.

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UNetbootin can be downloaded from the UNetbootin github site. The utility will download as a disk image, with the name unetbootin-mac The actual number in the file name may change as newer versions are released. Locate the downloaded UNetbootin disk image ; it will probably be in your Downloads folder. Double-click the. The UNetbootin image opens.

How to Install and Dual Boot Linux and Mac OS

The app will work just fine from within the disk image. Launch UNetbootin by right-clicking on the unetbootin app and selecting Open from the popup menu. Note that we're using this method to launch the app because the developer isn't a registered Apple developer, and your Mac's security settings may prevent the app from launching. This method of launching the app lets you bypass the basic security settings without having to go into the System Preferences to change them. Your Mac's security system will still warn you about the developer of the app being unrecognized, and ask if you really want to run the app.

Click the Open button. A dialog box will open, saying osascript wants to make changes. Enter your administrator password and click OK. The UNetbootin window will open. It can, however, properly create the bootable USB drive when it downloads the Linux files from within the app. Make sure Distribution is selected, then use the Select Distribution dropdown menu to pick the Linux distribution you would like to install on the USB flash drive.

For this project, select Ubuntu. Use the Select Version dropdown menu to select We selected the Some early Intel Macs used a bit architecture, and you may need to select the The Type menu should be populated with USB Drive, and the Drive should match up to the device name you made a note of earlier, when you were formatting the USB flash drive. UNetbootin will download the selected Linux distribution, create the Live Linux install files, create the bootloader, and copy them to your USB flash drive.

When UNetbootin finishes, you may see the following warning: Click the Exit button. If you're going to use an existing partition, take a look at these two guides to resizing and partitioning: If you plan on using an entire drive for Ubuntu, use the formatting guide: In the Terminal window that opens, enter the following: Ask Question. So it would be great if anyone here can confirm that it is working fine. Eki Eqbal Eki Eqbal 1 3 How do you want to install Ubuntu?

Dual-boot Mac on one partition, Ubuntu on another or virtually e. Joe S Joe S 2 Oh, I must have misread the question May I ask the need to use all resources of your computer for Ubuntu? I want to use ubuntu OS to make a stress testing so I will need all the resources, do you recommend to use VM in this case? Yes you are correct. Johnsyweb Johnsyweb 2, 1 13 Eki Eqbal You don't.