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This is reasonably convenient as it gets for adding a fixed value to the environment but less so if either of the name or value aren't fixed.

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Also it does not copy the string, which has the following important implications:. This is adequately convenient for most possible applications.

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It creates a new copy, so:. The usage and rationale section states that 1 setenv is preferred and 2 putenv is the only way to avoid leaks. These two statements seem inconsistent, but there you go.

Although presumably an implementation is free to magically know that it must free any copies that were made with setenv but not strings passed via putenv there is no guarantee given that it does so, so it must be assumed that memory is leaked by this function. For most applications this isn't a big problem: None of these functions are required to be thread-safe though some implementations do support such a guarantee.

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So be extremely cautious using them from multithreaded programs or from libraries. Using them from signal handlers is probably right out. Some ancient versions of Linux putenv will copy the string. To fix this, add the following to your.

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System-wide setup You have several options for automatically setting up FSL for all users on the computer, all beyond the scope of this document, but here are some suggestions on how you might go about this. New users will then get a suitably modified settings file.

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Store the settings in an NFS shared folder. You could ensure that the default settings file looks for and sources a settings file on an NFS server. This is useful for a compute cluster as you only have to edit one file to have it change everywhere.

Modify the system-wide.