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MIX email: If you are a former student , you must reset your Login account at login. After you reset your account, access your MIX email by visiting https: Retiree email: All WVU retirees who want to maintain a University email account and stay connected to the institution and their colleagues can now do so. More recent retirees will retain their existing Login credentials.


Read the frequently asked questions. Mailing lists: File sharing and collaboration Filelocker: OneDrive for Business: Anyone with the title of Director or Department Chair or higher may request a SharePoint site collection for the unit. Web Hosting: University Relations-Digital Services provides assistance to WVU offices in the creation and maintenance of their web sites.

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For personal web sites, use the Community Web hosting service. Instructional resources Academic advising support: The DegreeWorks system provides students and their advisors with up-to-date information on progress toward graduation. Classroom technology: The iDesign-Classroom Group manages more than high-tech classrooms on the Downtown and Evansdale campuses. These classrooms have multimedia technology installed in the room or use resources available from a central Media Distribution System.

WVU selected iClicker as the campus standard for student response systems to be used in undergraduate classes. Students can respond to in-class questions using an iClicker remote, mobile device or laptop. Instructors can view student responses and upload grades to eCampus.

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Computer Labs: Centrally funded, public computing facilities are located in Evansdale Library. Some colleges and academic departments have labs. Check with the individual department for availability and restrictions. Course design assistance: The iDesign group assists faculty with course design projects involving the use of technology.

They also teach faculty development workshops on topics such as instructional design, scenario-based learning and podcasting. Digital Measures: The database allows the University to run reports relevant to accreditation, strategic action and more. It also provides a way to extract CV and web page feeds for online faculty profiles.

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Evaluation of instruction: SEI is fully integrated with eCampus and available for campus-wide use. Register for training sessions on the training calendar. This tool replaced the homegrown eSEI system, which is no longer available after May Instructors who want to save previous reports or store them in Digital Measures are encouraged to do so this spring. Learning management system: Online testing: The eCampus learning management system provides for online testing.

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Plagiarism assessment: TurnItIn is a tool for checking documents for proper use of citations and possible plagiarism. Remote instruction: Blackboard Collaborate can be used to conduct webinars, host online interactive sessions, or augment eCampus course materials with audio content. A wealth of information about Collaborate is available on our support site for it. Student information system: Students use the same system to get information about financial aid, course schedules and catalogues and to register for classes.

Navigate formerly SSC Campus: If you ever suspect your account has been compromised, change your password immediately and notify the appropriate personnel.

Faculty and staff using portable devices such as Apple or Android smartphones to connect to the WVU Office Mobility system should temporarily place them in airplane mode, or shut them off during password resets. Type your username in the provided space and click Next. In this example, Sally E. Scholar has entered her username of idmtestuser If you are in the population that needs to agree and have not agreed to the WVU Annual Security Responsibility Statement in the last 12 months, you will go to that page to read and accept the statement.

If you have agreed within 12 months, you will go to either the Security Quiz only applicable for individuals eligible for the day password expiration if not completed in the last year or the Challenge questions page. Enter the valid response for your challenge question that is presented. Then click Next to proceed.

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You previously provided these answers at the time of account activation, or during a password change. You have 3 tries to enter a correct answer. If you fail, then you need to Reset Account. Enter your New Password and Confirm it in the provided spaces. Scholar received a notification that her password was successfully changed as shown: Enter the valid responses for your challenge questions.

You have 3 tries to get them all correct. WVU passwords must be changed periodically for your protection. If you let your password expire, your account will go into a locked status. This process resets your account back to its normal state. Review and accept the WVU Annual Security Responsibility Statement when it is more than one year since you agreed if any of your roles are associated with WVU including former students and retirees.

All other individuals without a HIPAA compliance requirement may optionally complete the security quiz to extend the life of your password to days.

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If it is more than one year since last taken. If for some reason after clicking the check box you are instead displayed a set of pictures similar to the following:. Click on all the images that meet the criteria selecting for and click verify. If prompted with an additional set of pictures to select and verify repeat these steps or select the audio option by clicking on the headphones. Click the Next button once you have provided all needed information on this page.

If eligible, to extend your password from 90 to days, you may complete a security quiz once per year. Please answer the security questions and hit submit. You may also opt out at any time and proceed.

If you are resetting your account within one year of completing the Security Quiz, you will go directly to the Challege Questions page. The next step is to select three different challenge questions from the drop-down options, enter three different answers, and click Submit. Create a password in the Password space, and type it again in the Confirm Password space. A strength indicator to the right will show how strong your password is. When choosing your password, you must use a password that has not been used on any system, ever.

Do not reuse your username and password on any systems outside of WVU. Re-using an old password could cause a conflict. We are excited to offer two color palettes in the Login Self Service console. The default theme is light; however, if you prefer to use the dark theme, your selection will save in your cache for the next time you visit.

To change themes, simply click the sun or moon in the top right corner of the screen. Below is a sample of each theme:. Light Theme. Dark Theme: ITShelp mail. Part 1: Provide information to identify yourself Part 2: Part 4: Select and answer challenge questions Part 5: Choose and confirm your password Notice: WVU Office Mobility Users Faculty and staff using portable devices such as Apple or Android smartphones to connect to the WVU Office Mobility system should temporarily place them in airplane mode or shut them off during password resets.

Directions 1. Official Information Required Your first and last names need to match the way they are recorded in official WVU or WVU Medicine records, and your date of birth can be entered by clicking the drop-down arrows to select month, day, and year, or by typing in those spaces. In this example, Sally Scholar was born on March 27, In the ID Type drop-down field, select one of the following for which you know your corresponding number: Normally the following will be displayed: Alternatively, you may see a set of pictures similar to these: Already Activated If your account has already been activated, you will be redirected to the Reset Account page.

Issues with Data Entered If the system reports any issues, please attempt to correct them, and then click Next again. Challenge questions can help you confirm your identity if you forget your password and need to reset it.