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SmartDraw is also suitable for professional landscape design as it has site plan templates for both commercial and residential planning. There are thousands of symbols and shapes for both landscapes and backyards including the possibility to drag and drop flowers, grasses, sprinkler systems and brick patterns.

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You can also simply send a link to anyone you want to share your designs with. You can get started landscape designing now for free with SmartDraw to try it for yourself. If you want a Mac desktop app that allows you to use a real photo of your house or garden in, then GardenPuzzle might be for you.

The Best Landscape Design Software For Mac

GardenPuzzle is an easy to use landscape design tool that works on and offline and allows you to easily drag and drop plants, structures, paths, lawns, water elements and more. You can even simulate how the plants will look during different seasons. If you need herbs and vegetables, you can also purchase additional packs for a few dollars. There are specific tools for terrain planning with the ability to account for elevation, contours and show lot setback requirements to neighbors or professional landscape designers.

One of the stand out features of Home Designer Suite is the Outdoor Kitchen Designer which allows you to choose from name brand appliances and furnishings. We also like the way you can zone plants together and then move them around collectively. You can also build retaining walls, import photos or backgrounds and simulate how your plants will look in years to come. The current Windows version is for but Mac users still have to use the version. You can do 3D walkthroughs of your designs.

Plan, design and visualize your landscape and outdoor living spaces!

No review of landscape designing software would be complete without mentioning Punch Landscape Design. Punch Landscape Design is one of the most popular landscape design apps on Windows and it also works on Mac. If you want to design both a house and garden and want something cross-platform, Punch Landscape Design might be for you but we think there are far better options available to Mac users. Gardena Garden Planner is probably the best free landscape design software for Mac with a surprisingly slick and well designed interface.

Plan-a-Garden includes a library of trees, shrubs, and structures, and can be arranged on a computer screen, then saved for future reference or printed out. Anything from laying out a vegetable garden to a gazebo-equipped rose garden. Macintosh OS X A 4,image plant library shows you what thrives and where. Punch Landscape Design shows how a garden will look after plants become mature.

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Starting from scratch. Windows Vista, 7, 8, or You can preview what your virtual yard will look like in all four seasons, and what it will look like up to 50 years in the future. Home Designer Above: Pro-quality landscape plans. Seeing your design from a lot of angles.

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  • Windows 7 or higher. Garden design, with a side of home design.

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    Designing a pool. A cost estimator helps you put a price tag on your dream project. Designing a deck. Windows 7, 8, 10, or Vista. Use the free trial period to see if you like it. Planning the simplest garden possible. Download to Windows. This one has a free trial too. Give it a spin. Read more: Gardening Software Punch! The Internet and e-mail have transformed the way we go about everyday business; likewise, computer aided design CAD has revolutionized landscape and garden design in terms of time saving, cost reduction, and more importantly, quality of presentation.

    Of course, there are still designers with artistic flair who prefer creating concept plans and perspectives the traditional way - with ink and paper, on a drawing board.

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    There are indeed some very talented individuals capable of producing hand drawn concepts which would be fit for hanging in the Tate Gallery; but there comes a point in any business where the need for technology surpasses tradition in an economic sense, time equals money. Why would you want to spend hours, or even days, hand rendering plans and perspectives when you could cut this down to minutes or hours utilizing a computer? For many designers using CAD software, the days of presenting clients with a simple planting plan, and possibly a basic perspective or elevation sketch, is long gone.

    To remain competitive you need to take full advantage of this ever-changing technology. Even better, you can have your client sitting next to you viewing the design on screen, and make last minute amendments by moving plants and other elements in real time.

    Stuart uses Google SketchUp to create 3D models of his landscape concepts, which can be viewed from various angles; this gives his clients a very clear idea of what the finished job will look like.