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That's why analysts now believe that iPhone versus Android is "stable" — nobody cares anymore. After many years of being a Mac faithful, I've been using Windows 10 for the past year and a half or so.

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I found a lot to like touch screens, Cortana, window management and a lot that was annoying random crashes, peculiar device issues. Every so often, like today, I switch back to the Mac just to make sure I stay familiar with both sides. And I'm rediscovering that there's a lot to like performance, stability, iPhone-related superpowers like iMessage and a lot that's annoying no touch screen, no Cortana.

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They both fill a niche. And they're both successful for their parent companies in their own ways. Macs are highly profitable for Apple, which is still primarily a hardware company. Windows is everywhere, from cheap laptops to premium machines like the Surface Studio , and that's good for Microsoft, which is still mainly a software company.

Cortana on Windows Matt Weinberger.

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  7. Mac users have deeper connection with their computers than PC users do with theirs.!
  8. They can both win. Windows and Apple have their die-hard fans, sure, but they can happily coexist.

    How Apple’s Famous “I’m A Mac” Ads Branded Fanboys For Life

    Apple and Google both won. Each of them got exactly what it wanted from the smartphone business. Apple is selling a lot of profitable iPhones; Google gets its web services and search engine in front of more people. So while iPhones and Androids may have few features that set them apart, they are still, by and large, running the same major apps, connecting to the same big services.

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    Each phone operating system has its pluses and minuses, but each is pretty much as useful to a vast majority of people as the other. Switching between a PC and Mac was simple because even my handwritten notes from the Windows 10 computer were stored in Microsoft's Office cloud service. I didn't need to worry about syncing my music between computers because I use the Spotify service on my Mac and PC and iPhone. This is why Microsoft is making sure Office apps and services are available for the iPhone and Android. It's why Apple is going to bring its new Apple Music service to Android.

    Hey Apple, What Happened to Mac vs. PC?

    When the operating system doesn't matter, users are free to choose whatever service suits them, at any time. It also means that picking a computer or a phone is no longer like getting sorted into a house at Hogwarts. He did it in person, he did it on stage, and he did it on television—in the form of advertising campaigns that were often the envy of the business.

    Among the most beloved was the long-running "Get a Mac" series with John Hodgman and Justin Long as the bumbling PC and the hip, unflappable Mac—an odd couple who would entertain viewers for years with their quips, barbs, sight gags, and one-liners. In , Adweek declared "Get a Mac" to be the best advertising campaign of the first decade of the new century. Below are all 66 TV spots plus the long version of 's "Sad Song" that aired during the campaign's run, from May to October Click to view.

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    May Mac admits PC is good at business stuff like spreadsheets, while he's better at "life" stuff like photos, music, and movies. PC doltishly asks Mac what he means by "better. PC is seen rocking out to an iPod and praising iTunes. Mac replies that the rest of the iLife suite works just as well and comes on every Mac. PC defensively responds by listing the cool apps that he comes with, but can only identify Calculator and Clock.

    Apple’s ‘Get a Mac,’ the Complete Campaign

    Mac and PC, holding hands to demonstrate their ability to network with each other, are joined by a Japanese woman who represents a new digital camera. Mac and the camera speak to each other fluently, but PC, lacking the proper driver, is utterly confused and unable to communicate. Mac and PC explain how they both have a lot in common, like running Microsoft Office, but their discussion is hampered by PC's unfortunate habit of freezing and restarting. PC has caught a virus and is clearly under the weather. He warns Mac to stay away from him, citing , known viruses that infect PCs.

    But Mac isn't worried, as viruses don't affect him. PC then announces that he's going to crash and falls backward onto the floor.