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For this purpose, no special accessories or conversion kits are required, only a proper SSD and the appropriate screwdrivers. After the SSD is built into the MacBook, it makes sense to use the removed hard drive as an portable hard drive.

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A good portable enclosure with a fast USB3. If you decide on the installation variant 1, the conversion kits I mentioned have already all tools needed for. Otherwise, the mini screwdriver set from Hama is recommended that contains the required PH00 and Torx6 screwdrivers. Basically, it is recommended when working within range of electronic components, to wear an antistatic wrist strap.

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It protects against electrostatic charging, thus preventing possible damage to electrical components in the Macbook. The bracelet is slipped over the arm and has a cable with alligator clip which is simply clamped to the radiator. Corresponding bracelets are already available for a few dollars e. Rosewill Anti Static Wrist Strap.

Basically a Time Machine backup should be created.

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If this is completed, the MacBook Pro can be shut down. Afterwards unplug the power cord and other cables and place them upside down on a soft surface. Please do not be alarmed if the boot should not be noticeably faster after a new installation.

Mac Mini SSD vs HDD

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Install A Solid-State-Drive. MacBook Pro Howto: Select language: Clone hard drive to SSD Option 2: OS X reinstall and restore the backup Installation Option 1: Install SSD as a second drive Option 2: You may also like: Upgrading Mac Mini Installing an SSD M. Replacing the battery tutorial SSD comparison: Crucial MX vs. SP May 5, at 9: Gary October 20, at 4: Doug Cornwall January 24, at 9: Time Required 30 minutes - 2 hours.

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  4. Flags 0. Introduction Use this guide to completely replace your mini's hard drive. Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Step 1 Bottom Cover.

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    Add Comment. Step 2. Step 3 Fan. Step 4.

    Suitable SSDs for Apple MacBook Pro

    Step 5. Step 6 Cowling. Step 7. Step 8 Antenna Plate. Step 9.

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    Step Step 12 Hard Drive. Tools used on this step:. Step 18 Hard Drive. Step 19 Hard Drive. One comment. Almost done! To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. You're Finished!

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    Author with 11 other contributors. Walter Galan , Reputation 1, Guides authored. Add a comment. That's right, steps and are not necessary. It suffices to rotate the antenna plate out of the way without detaching its cable. And after disconnecting the hard drive you can wiggle it out of the enclosure without dealing with the logic board. Muc less hassle, and much less intimidating. This is great advice! It worked fine for me, thanks!

    Good advice. I too just moved the antenna plate to the side and the drive was easily accessible. Load more comments. Single Step Full Guide. Small - px Medium - px Large - px. View Statistics: