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You can now stream music to multiple devices around your house, which was previously only possible using iTunes on a Mac or PC.

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AirPlay 2 also plays a part in enabling full stereo playback where available on multiple HomePod smart speakers our Apple HomePod review. Apple TV units that update to tvOS We'll show you how to configure and troubleshoot your new device. The easiest way to use AirPlay is to look for the AirPlay logo, which looks like a square with a triangle in front of it pictured below. Any time you see this symbol, click or tap it and select your destination receiver from the list that pops up.

Your media will then stream wirelessly. To stop streaming via AirPlay, repeat the process and choose iPhone or iPad in step five. This allows you to stream from a Mac to an Apple TV. The easiest way to mirror your Mac to an Apple TV is via the menu bar shortcut.

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Click on the AirPlay logo in the top-right corner of the screen, then click on the receiver of your choice. Once connected you can choose:.

What Is Apple AirPlay?

Fortunately you can add this functionality with some third-party software. You currently have two good options:. Personal experience has led me to believe these software solutions are never quite as good as a genuine Apple TV, but your mileage may vary. Much of the time, problems streaming video or audio wirelessly is due to Wi-Fi congestion.

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Too many competing Wi-Fi signals, on similar channels to your receiver, can reduce the quality of the signal that reaches the Apple TV. Older devices that feature slower wireless speeds can also struggle. Options include:. The Apple TV should automatically wake up when it detects a new AirPlay connection, but sometimes clicking the remote and waking it manually can resolve the issue. If the Apple TV has crashed, you can simply pull the cord out of the back and wait 10 seconds, then power it back up.

If none of that works, the next step is to restart your source device. That might be your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Next try restarting your network equipment. You can also restore your Apple TV to factory settings, which is a final resort for most but worth a try if nothing else works.

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Read More once the reset completes. Open Menu Close Menu Apple. Format Description 4K Video plays at a higher resolution. While HD videos support a resolution of x, the resolution of 4K videos is x, enabling more detailed and sharper imagery.

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Videos in 4K look great on compatible televisions. Videos with HDR look great on any size screen. The Dolby Vision icon is displayed when a movie is available in Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos Videos with Dolby Atmos play audio that can immerse you in three dimensional surround sound when combined with a Dolby Atmos-compatible sound system.

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Apple TV 4K will play audio through your home speaker system that automatically decides the best speaker combination to use. What you need to watch the highest-quality video available Purchased or rented video content with a high-quality version. A device capable of playing high-quality video content. See if your device is compatible. The latest versions of iOS or tvOS.

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An Internet connection fast enough to watch high-quality content. Check your Internet connection The higher the quality of the video that you're streaming, the faster your Internet connection has to be. Learn more about renting movies from the iTunes Store. Published Date: Wed Dec 05 Yes No.

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